Public Service Events

There are plenty of Public Service activities available in the East Bay Section, as well as the greater Bay Area. These events allow you to get involved with other operators and work in environments and conditions you may not have thought of before. They let you test your skills and equipment and you help out with the planning and organization at the same time. Some of these are non-profit fund raisers to help the needy, or disabled in our community. Others are to help promote a specific cause or event. No matter the cause, they are all fun and a good learning experience.

The Amateur Radio Public Service Events Calendar for the East Bay Section is maintained by John Rabold at this URL: . To add or update an event, please go to the main site. For more events, the Mount Diablo Amateur Club also maintains a calendar here:

If you are interested in Events that take place in San Francisco or Marin County, please contact Jerry Juhala at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and more details can be provided.

Amateur Radio Public Service Events in the ARRL East Bay Section

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