Repeater Information


The ARCA repeater was built, installed and maintained by the club members

in 2008.

It may be used by anyone with an amateur radio license.

This is an open repeater and available for amateur use.

The repeater is part of the Alameda ARES organization and as such

would request priority communication during an activation.


The repeater is in the city of Alameda about 120 feet above ground and was built

for use mainly in the city area.  We have a Emergency Net operational test weekly,

on Thursday evening at 1900 hours. Everyone is invited to participate.


It is on 444.575 receive and 449.575 transmit frequency. The pl. is 88.5 Hz.

It transmits at a power of 7 watts, and covers our intended area without any problem 

The repeater call is K6QLF. 


Additional contact information can be found on our web site.


Net Control Script